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Mole holes across a grassy garden.

Trustworthy Mole Control

If you've noticed a mole problem in your garden, call Clearol pest control for experienced mole control services based in Wrexham. Established in 1982, Clearol Pest Control has the skills and expertise to control a variety of common pests, including moles. Using mole traps, we ensure that your property is free from these burrowing pests. Call us today to keep your garden safe. 

Expert Mole Control

Moles can cause considerable damage to your garden. These burrowing pests spend most of their time underground. When they emerge from their underground tunnels, moles leave mounds known as molehills. If you spot these molehills in your outdoor space, this is a strong sign that you have a mole problem. Luckily, Clearol Pest Control can help you. We use traps to catch any moles, as this has proven to be the most effective method of handling these pests.

Mole in the vegetable garden.
Low Angle View Of Seagulls Perching On Rooftop Against the Sky

Reliable Bird Control

Alongside our mole control services, Clearol can tackle a range of pest problems. This includes rodents, insects, and birds. To prevent your property from being overrun by birds, we deliver professional bird control services at an affordable price. Not only can a flock of bird detract from the aesthetic of your property, but they also produce considerable amounts of unhygienic waste. Suitable for different species of birds, we can solve your bird control problems.

A mole appearing from a hole in the ground.
“I am very impressed with the service. I had two wasp nests that needed dealing with. Tony came the following day and dealt with them. It cost me £48. The following day I found another two nests and called him back to find out that the £48 covered my house until December so he dealt with those at no extra cost. His friendly, knowledgeable, and relaxed manner also made it a pleasure to meet him. Highly recommended.”


Close up shot of mouse peeking out of the dusty hole behind white furniture.

Are you searching for reliable mole control? Get in touch at 01978 852975

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